St. Helena: A Photographic Treasury 1856 - 1947 by Robin Castell

Many of these photographs have never been published before, and a number of them may be familiar having appeared previously in albums available to the public. However, I am sure that there must be several thousand more out there yet to be discovered! This tome is somewhat of a potpourri. Those who know the Island of St. Helena today, will no doubt be somewhat surprised to see the bleak and barren landscape of yesteryear, before the advent of the dreaded flax which later enveloped the Island. It was first introduced to St. Helena in 1874 by the "Colonial and Foreign Fibre Company". There were very few trees then throughout the Island in the early days up to the end of Nineteenth Century. All the Island wood had been appropriated and consumed for burning of lime which was so important for the construction of the very numerous and necessary fortifications. Also, for running the stills which produced copious quantities of alcohol, and not to mention firewood for essential cooking and heating. These valuable photographs depict the Island in all respects as it once was. There are many buildings long since demolished due in part to ravages of the white ant.I have devoted a comprehensive though condensed section to the Anglo-Boer War prisoners (1899 - 1902). The Boers had their own photographic studios in St. Helena at Deadwood and Broadbottom camps. A vast number of assorted groups and portions were produced at the time. I have chosen to reproduce a limited number of these photographs from my extensive collections, in order to avoid what may appear to be repetition. Accordingly, I have been circumspect and selective.
St. Helena: A Photographic Treasury 1856 - 1947
by Robin Castell
St. Helena: A Photographic Treasury 1856 - 1947
Robin Castell (June 15, 2008)
Photography & Video
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