50 Early Childhood Literacy Strategies (2nd Edition) by Janice J. Beaty

50 Early Childhood Literacy Strategies is the answer to the early childhood teacher's dilemma of how to teach reading to children 3, 4, and 5 years of age as mandated by the state and national governments.  This book presents an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand approach involving young children's own emergence into the world of speaking and listening, reading and writing.  Teachers will quickly learn what picture books and activities to use with children, how to use them, and how children can benefit from their use.  They will learn what to expect as young children's writing emerges from scribbles to pictures and real words.  Finally, they will come to terms with the concept of emergent literacy as it appears in preschool children and evolves into conventional literacy as it is taught in elementary school.


  • A brief introduction to each strategy–Discussing the literacy concept associated with the strategy and what the particular strategy teaches.  Sets the stage for students understanding of when, how, and with whom to use each strategy – supplies the background needed to create additional strategies to reinforce each lesson.
  • Use of materials, content, and activities found in most early childhood classrooms–Blocks, chalk, crayons, computers, cooking, dolls, dramatics, finger paints, puppets, scissors, storytelling, etc.  Makes the books' strategies immediately useful for prospective teachers' first classrooms – allows these fifty ideas to serve as templates for hundreds of additional strategies.

  • Photos, children's art, and pupils' actual writing samples–Accompanying each strategy.  Offer a genuine picture of each strategy's desired outcome – illustrate real children's authentic literacy efforts and show actual children actively engaged in each strategy.
  • 50 Early Childhood Literacy Strategies (2nd Edition)
    by Janice J. Beaty
    50 Early Childhood Literacy Strategies (2nd Edition)
    Pearson; 2 edition (February 14, 2008)
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