Family Magic I and II by Edward Glassman

This volume combines both excellent Family Magic-I and Family Magic-II books into one amazing volume that will carry you, with clarity, into the world of magic & chicanery, one amateur magician to another, with a combined total of 105 bewildering easy-to-do magic tricks, at least 90 of which require no prior skill. You may easily perform them for members of your family, especially your children & grandchildren, and friends. A few tricks require you to learn very simple card sleights. Each Family Magic trick is discussed in a separate essay that begins with a description of THE TRICK. Next, a section on 'How might you PERFORM this trick?' Then, THE SECRET of how the magician did the trick. And finally, the essay ends with MAGICAL PRINCIPLES, thoughts that flow directly from the trick. The interesting Appendix of Family Magic-I presents mind-boggling material to help you do Family Magic: I. Magical Principles II. Create Your Own New Magic Card Tricks III. Openers IV. Forcing A Card (no free choice) V. Magician Responses To The Returned Chosen Card VI. The Chosen Card revealed & Other Climaxes VII. Easy Sleights Of Hand The second book, the amazing Family-II provides you with 55 baffling magic tricks so easy-to-do the magician does not have to touch the cards, hence the title: 'No-Hands Card Tricks,' Instead, the magician guides the spectator-volunteer-helper who handles the cards. Though easy-to-do, people find the outcome of these tricks as startling and amazing as more complicated tricks. WOW. You may easily perform these tricks with no prior knowledge of card tricks for members of your family, especially your children & grandchildren, and friends. All in all, these two combined books, Family Magic-I and II, provide you with 105 baffling easy-to-do tricks that astonish and amuse. WELL WORTH OWNING
Family Magic I and II
by Edward Glassman
Family Magic I and II
Createspace Independent Pub (February 18, 2010)
Performing Arts
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